Wing foiling courses

Our wing foiling courses on Fuerteventura

Want to learn a new sport? We’ve got you covered with our two courses: A three hour course, suitable for those with no prior water sports skills, and 1-5 day course which teaches you about the wind, how to ride a foil, and how to combine foil and wing.

Beginner wingfoiling courses

Our beginner wing foil courses will teach you how to wing foil in the picturesque waters of Fuerteventura. Check them out. You can also get certified. Flag Beach is the only VDWS centre in the north of the island and is authorised to issue international wing foil certificates.


Beach: Flag Beach and Cotillo Lagoon
Start time: 10am & 14pm

1-5 day course

Day 1

This is spent learning about the wind, preparing the gear and practicing on the beach, before then going out on the water. Initially on a SUP board. (3hrs)

Day 2

Learning to stand on the foil, water ski instruction but using a foil and being towed behind a boat (3hrs)

Day 3

Combining the foil with the wing on a foil board (3hrs)

Day 4

More foil and wing riding (3hrs)

Day 5

More foil and wing riding (3hrs)


1 day beginner wing foil course€220
2 day beginner wing foil course€385
3 day beginner wing foil course€550
4 day beginner wing foil course€715
5 day beginner wing foil course€880
VDWS international wing foil licence (includes book & Licence)€40