Wing foil rental

Hire your water sports equipment with us.

For intermediate to advanced sailors wanting to go solo, we’ve got the top wing foil equipment for hire and an exclusive beach front location. Browse our equipment brands and take a pick of your preferred foil board and wing. You can also store your kit with us on the beach too.

Wing foiling rental prices

DaysBoard or wing onlyComplete setup
1/240 60
140 70
270 125
390 180
4110 225
5140 230
6150 250
7160 260
8160 280
9170 300
10170 300
11180 325
12190 350
13200 390
14200 390
15210 405
16220 415
17210 425
18215 435
19220 445
20225 450
21230 450

Wing foiling equipment


Slick Wing

Slick wing

The Slick is the most versatile wing in the range, easy to fly, intuitive handling and incredible stability no matter the conditions or how you choose to ride!

Echo Wing

Echo wing

A wing for powered riding in all conditions, perfect for freeriding, waves, light wind and freestyle! The perfect wing for even the very first days on the water.

Foil boards

Sky SUP Foil

Sky SUP foil

The Sky SUP is our 100% dedicated foil SUP designed to maximise your fun – even in tiny waves – and to give you the longest rides of your life!

Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to catch waves.

Wing foiling equipment storage

We have an exclusive beach front location perfect for just stepping on your board and sailing. Therefore at Flag Beach we offer Board storage facilities for wing foilers bringing their own equipment.

This service is limited and is subject to request. We may also be able to help with transport of equipment from airport/hotel upon request.

Please contact the office for more info and prices.