Yoga Packages

Sport & Yoga packages

Yoga and any of the surfing sports (kite, wind, foil) are a perfect match and go hand in hand, both sports require and increase balance, flexibility, and strength. Use the skills that you learn within your Yoga lessons later during your surf, windsurf or kitesurf course and feel how your improved body control, coordination and concentration lead to the perfect experience

Wing foiling at Flag Beach

Yoga lessons

Why not book a series of yoga classes during your stay, even if you are already doing water sports with us. We usually have 2 sessions a day, an early morning session and a late afternoon session.

These session are run either at our Retreat or on the beach weather dependant. The lesson will also include:

  • Transport if needed
  • Yoga mat

Prices Per Person

1 day yoga (group lesson)€15
5 day yoga discount package (group lesson)€60
Private yoga lesson (1 person) €40

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Sport & Yoga packages

1 week surf & Yoga package€475
2 weeks surf & Yoga package €855
1 week windsurf & Yoga package€620
2 weeks windsurf & Yoga package €1075
1 week kitesurf & Yoga package €780
2 week kitesurf & Yoga package €1186